Helping Veteran's and their families:

For Immediate Release


Pensacola, FL –You may not know this, but KontactIntelligence is doing things outside of Healthcare and recruiting. We're in the news and want to share some of the things in which we're involved.

The mission of VetCV is to continuously create technology solutions that help our nations Veterans and Care Givers (a population of over 100 million) control their military, medical, and personal information, their careers, and easily access support resources and benefits. VetCV puts control of information back in the Veterans’ hands.

“VetCV is an example of the type of innovative solutions coming forward to offer the best available commercial industry technology backed by transparency and data accuracy.”

-- Congressman Jeff Miller, Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Veterans' Affairs

Click here read the full letter from Congressman Jeff Miller.

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