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Contact: Michael E. Walker
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Pensacola, Fla. (July 26, 2023) — KontactIntelligence has announced its partnership with Beyond Med, a provider network focused on increasing patient volume to healthcare practices offering elective, cosmetic, and wellness services. Beyond Med’s low-cost subscription model allows providers to join at no cost, instead offering Beyond Med patients an average discount of 20% on self-pay procedures.

Research shows that cosmetic and elective services are set to outpace traditional healthcare spending by a factor of three over the next 10 years. For example, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Studies projected a 5.1% annual growth in traditional healthcare spending from 2021-2030, as compared to common elective services which range from a projected compounded annual growth rate of 14.1%-17.2%. Despite this analysis, many elective wellness and cosmetic procedures are not covered by most insurance plans.

These high-margin procedures and services are a critical part of any healthcare organization’s financial success, and with this new partnership, KontactIntelligence will be able to help drive more patients to our hospital and medical group clients.

“We sought out this partnership with Beyond Med because we believe they will prove to be an invaluable new patient lead resource for our clients across the country.” KontactIntelligence Founder and CEO Niels Andersen said. “The goal is to further support their efforts to quickly spool up patient volume for their new practices and even help existing practices by adding new patients and optimizing their payor mix.”

Visit https://partners.kontactintelligence.com/beyond-med.html to learn more.

About Beyond Med

With nearly 3,000 providers across New York, New Jersey, Arizona, and Florida, Beyond Med is rapidly expanding their physician member network in these regions and across the country. This is all thanks to its proven track record of bringing more patients and revenue to its provider network. By focusing on elective and self-pay procedures, Beyond Med has made these services affordable to their subscribers while adding value and growth to their network providers and organizations. Beyond Med is currently looking for providers in the following specialties: Bariatric, Dermatology, Fertility, Plastic Surgery, Mental Health, Chiropractor, Acupuncture, and Anti-aging & Wellness.

About KontactIntelligence

KontactIntelligence is the nation’s premier physician and Advanced Practice Provider recruitment and Provider Network Relationship Management System (RMS/ATS/CRM.) KontactIntelligence provides hospitals and medical groups with industry-leading tools for provider network development, provider metrics reporting and benchmarking, market share strategy, and decision support in addition to physician recruitment, retention, and relationship management.

With over thirty years of experience in healthcare business development, KontactIntelligence, Inc. offers a suite of supplementary services to clients, including custom software development, industry and market research, consulting, marketing, training, and more.

KontactIntelligence is the flagship platform in an extended ecosystem of software solutions. One such solution is MedCV, a web-based credential and career management application designed for physicians and advanced practice providers. To learn more about MedCV, go to medcv.com.


KontactIntelligence (Ki) is the most comprehensive and strategic technology application of its kind specifically designed to maximize your medical staff assets.


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