About KontactIntelligence

Beyond consulting, KontactIntelligence (Ki) delivers realistic and practical technology solutions in hospital and health system strategic planning, enterprise analysis, IT design innovation, healthcare staffing, and medical staff recruitment.

Ki clients and strategic partners include some of the nation’s most prestigious public and private healthcare institutions, government agencies such the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs, small hospitals, and many organizations in between. KontactIntelligence, Inc. is a Pensacola, Florida, Veteran-owned healthcare solutions company providing high-end technology software solutions, consulting, and research services for clients throughout the U.S. in:

  • Medical Staff Development Planning
  • Physician Compensation Modeling
  • Physician Retention
  • Establishing in-house recruitment functions
  • Industry Research

Ki Solutions

  • KI Cloud Software
  • KI Sourcing Physician Recruitment
  • Physician OnBoarding Physician Retention
  • Physician Recruitment Marketing
  • Medical Career Vault

Contact Us

4400 Bayou Blvd. Ste. 12, Pensacola, FL, United States
P: 850.477.2475
Email: info@kontactintelligence.com

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  • Is your recruiting website mobile optimized

Is your recruiting website mobile optimized?
If not you're likely losing leads!

Google wants to make sure their users have a good experience. Over the years their algorithms have had some major updates with the goal of delivering only quality results. For Google, if your potential clients are accessing information through a smartphone, the website needs to be mobile-friendly. If it isn’t, to Google, you aren’t delivering content with your users in mind. [...]

  • Building Strong Provider Relationships

Selling and Becoming Employed -
Now might be the last chance

Now might be the last chance to get the most money from selling your practice. This latest buying cycle is starting to slow, at least for hospitals buying practices. Market saturation occurs when most of the perceived top physician groups have already been purchased in a market, and hospitals are seeing the impact of purchases on their bottom line are contributing reasons. [...]

  • Building Strong Provider Relationships

Customer Intelligence: Building Strong Provider Relationships -
The dilemma we face today

In a perfect world, hospital leadership would like to have a perfect and trustworthy loyal exclusive one-on-one professional relationship with not only every physician and mid-level provider (collectively Provider) on their medical staff, but also with every healthcare Provider in the entire service area who could potentially refer business to the hospital. [...]

  • Embracing technology

Pediatrician Randy Reese Embraces Technology

Pensacola Pediatrics pediatrician Dr. Randy Reese has the formula for success. Drive, the willingness to work hard, the gift of efficiency and meticulous documentation. With the help of office administrator Dan Manix, Reese and his partners have embraced technology to ensure a safe and productive office visit at the practice. [...]