KontactIntelligence (Ki) is the most comprehensive online suite of tools for providing recruitment and retention metrics in the healthcare industry. Ki users can organize, monitor and manage their entire recruitment and retention process and medical staff with one easy-to-use web-based application. Accessible anywhere 24/7, fully customizable Ki will assist you in tracking and reporting activities, productivity, expenses, and opportunity and candidate status instantly.

Ki’s three-level software suite is the most strategic technology application of its kind specifically designed to manage your medical staff assets. Ki will enable you to:

  • recruit and manage your medical staff
  • build physician referrals and loyalty
  • monitor and increase productivity
  • improve market share and increase profit

Historically, health systems have been required to buy, build and maintain their recruiting and retention software systems despite the exponential costs and complexity. This is why Ki offers a web-based alternative, also known as ‘Software-as-a-Service’ or ‘SaaS.’ What is Software-as-a-Service exactly? And why should it be important to you as a recruiter? Like the name says, Software-as-a-Service is a way of delivering applications over the Internet as a service. SaaS solutions such as Ki run on our servers – not yours – and we manage all aspects of the application, including performance, security, and maintenance. Today, hundreds of recruiters from some of the most prestigious health systems use Ki, making it the leading and fastest growing service of its kind.